It allows overcoming
all obstacles!

It provides speed and flexibility for field operations!

Surveillance Center

  • The surveillance center covers numerous surveillance tools within itself.
  • Surveillance is performed in the vehicle, out of the vehicle, and by unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • The data collected are transmitted to the center and processed simultaneously.

Portable Data Center

The data center ensures that the data collected are;

  • recorded,
  • processed,
  • transmitted,
  • that a local network can be created in locations where there is no Internet,
  • that the operation can be continued for some time in the regions where there is no electricity.

Operation Center

  • Operation center is the center where the data obtained from the surveillance tools are viewed, examined, and the operation is carried out.
  • The data obtained such as infrared images, thermal images, sound, etc. are recorded instantly.

DROAD is an integrated engineering solution.

This solution integrated to any platform and composed of the Surveillance Center, Portable Data Center, and Operation Center not only allows saving time and money in different sectors but also eliminates the risks by providing support in the operations that are risky for human life.

The data obtained from the surveillance center in the field are stored and processed in the portable data center, and transmitted to the operation center instantly to be managed and viewed.