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All the mobilized integrated hybrid solutions can be customized as per your needs.

Overcome the obstacles with DROAD while making your operations fast, manageable and sustainable.

Save time, money and risks by using DROAD hybrid mobile solutions to control, monitor and manage all your field operations on site or remotely.

Ability to perform multiple operations through agile use

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Sustainability through reuse

Rapid intervention

Overcoming all obstacles by minimizing the risks

It allows overcoming all obstacles
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Use Cases


Provision of Electricity & Internet

Instant Data Transfer

Data Monitoring

Sharing of Data with the Center

Operation Management

Natural Disaster – Fire Fighting

The forest fires that took place in our country in the year 2021 destroyed 60,000 hectares of forest land.

The biggest problem in natural disasters like fire is communication.

The delay in locating the disaster regions and the lack of communication among the field personnel caused delayed and erroneous response while time is the most precious factor in any emergency.

  • Droad is critically important to preclude such deficiencies.
  • Droad can locate the disasters by land and by air through its surveillance tools.

It can observe the regions and time frames in which there is fire through the position and date information its surveillance tools have.

The fire can be located and its magnitude can be detected by sharing the data obtained with the relevant centers instantly.

Rapid intervention is critically important to prevent the spread of fire, and to minimize the losses. It prevents the fire squads from being in the wrong place, and ensures uninterrupted communication with the other intervention team.

Border Security – Anti-Smuggling

With its advanced surveillance tools, Droad can surveil the border regions uninterruptedly. The integration of the surveillance devices with the vehicle ensures that the intervention can be made more quickly.

It is possible to intervene by minimizing the adverse effects of challenging road conditions by vehicle.

All data obtained through the surveillance are monitored in the operation center as stamped with date and position and transferred to the relevant command centers in the relevant region.

  • The suspicious vehicles or persons are detected and tracked.
  • It is possible to take action more rapidly; the tracking can be made by vehicle or drone.

In the border regions, the mines are detected with the underground radar on board Droad. In this way, the mines are detected by using unmanned aerial vehicle and without any injury and loss.

Wildlife Monitoring and Event Areas

In the concert, festival, natural camping, etc. regions, the uninterrupted Internet and electricity are offered through the portable data center.

Depending on the size and participation of the event, multiple portable data centers can be placed in the event region. In this way, the service is given to a broader area. Since the data center is portable and can be used independently of the vehicle, the local network area can be changed instantly upon request.

Besides, the images obtained from the event area by the surveillance tools are shared instantly, and the event is followed in real time in the virtual environment as well.

Additionally, the surveillance of the event areas through the unmanned aerial vehicles allows instant intervention in potential crimes (battery, trafficking of illegal substances, etc.).

Surveillance Center

In-Vehicle Surveillance

The system that analyzes the driver’s behaviors during surveillance of the personnel in the vehicle through the in-vehicle surveillance tools.

    Out-of-Vehicle Surveillance

    The in-vehicle and/or out-of-vehicle surveillance tools and the surveillance tools used in the operations. It is performed with the surveillance tools possessed by the field personnel.

      Aerial Imaging

      The infrared and thermal imaging tools on board the drone. It can be preferred for distance measurement and buried material detection performed by using sensors, or in spectral imaging of plants.

        Portable Data Center

        Functions of Portable Data Center;

        • Data (image, sound and coordinate information) Storage.
        • Functioning of Facial and License Plate Recognition Systems.
        • Ensuring Communication among the Persons Involved in the Operation.
        • Ensuring Communication with the Headquarters.
        • Maintaining the Operation Uninterruptedly by Creating Local Network in Locations without Electricity and Internet.
        • It can be Positioned in Any Desired Place thanks to its Portability.
        • The Operation Area can be Enlarged by using Multiple Tools.
        • Operation Center
        • Droad collects numerous data through surveillance tools. The data obtained are transmitted to the data center and recorded. Thanks to the in-vehicle operation center, the entire operation is monitored instantly, and the data are transmitted to the headquarters.

        Operation Center

        Droad gözlem araçları sayesinde birçok veri elde eder. Elde edilen veriler, veri merkezine aktarılır ve kaydedilir. Araç içinde bulunan operasyon merkezi sayesinde tüm operasyon anlık olarak gözlenir ve karargâha verilerin aktarımı gerçekleştirilir.

        Advanced Vehicle Modifications

        • Suspension
        • Coating based on the Operation
        • Armor
        • Advanced Lighting Tools

        Other options;

        • Operation Computer
        • End-to-End Communication Antenna
        • Tethered System
        • Vehicle Tent
        • Vehicle Roof Drone Station
        • Drone Charge Station
        • Detector for Narcotic Operations
        • Operation Computer Docking Station
        • Instant Message Application

        Functions of Operation Center;

        It ensures uninterrupted continuation of the operation in the environments without electricity and Internet. The field personnel are given the necessary data instantly, and in this way, the operation is continued uninterruptedly.

        • In-Vehicle Instant Operation Monitoring
        • Instant Communication with the Headquarters is Ensured
        • Monitoring and Transfer of All Data coming from Surveillance Tools to Headquarters

        Rapid Intervention

        It can be applied with different integrated solutions.

        DROAD can be applied with different integrated solutions depending on the use case. While Droad is a terrain vehicle in a search & rescue operation, it can be a civil model in tracking of a person or vehicle.

        It can be diversified on the basis of the operation.

        • In-Vehicle Mobile Surveillance Solution
        • PC & In-Vehicle Cameras
        • Mobile NVR&DVR
        • Fully Integrated Platform Software
        • Creation of Device Tree & Device and Period Selection
        • Real-time Position on GIS Basemap
        • Live Imaging & Recording
        • Latitude & Longitude and Route Information
        • Retrospective Route Tracking
        • Time Lapse / Slow-Motion Watching of Records
        • Web Based & Mobile
        • Out-of-Vehicle Technologies
        • Drone Pad
        • Drone Repair-Maintenance
        • Pluggable Useful Loads
        • Face Recognition
        • License Plate Recognition
        • Dynamic Positioning
        • Encrypted Communication
        • Two-Way Communication
        • Group Intercom

        It provides speed and flexibility
        for field operations!

        Use Cases of Our Diversifiable Models:

        Civil - Droad Power

        • Environmental and wildlife monitoring
        • Energy and construction sectors
        • Emergency response
        • Agriculture, Spraying, Seeding

        Emergency Response - Droad Limited

        • Natural disaster recovery
        • Search & rescue
        • Emergency response

        Security Forces - Droad Platinum

        • Border security
        • Traffic control
        • Forensic investigation

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