It allows overcoming
all obstacles!

It provides speed and flexibility for field operations!


DROAD, the integration of which has been completed by Robit, is the product of a rotary wing work integrated to any platform.

Composed of 3 main centers, DROAD can surveil, store the data obtained by surveillance, and support the operation center. In this way, it has all the necessary capacity for a rapid intervention to ensure border security, and to combat irregular migration, forest fires, etc.

Getting ready to become the mobile border sentry, ‘DROAD’ is at your service everywhere in the world with renting and purchasing options with driver and UAV Pilot for operational works within the organization of Robit.

About Robit Technology

Since 2008, Ankara-based Robit Technology offers its customers reliable information technologies solutions.

It is a technology firm that offers its customers the value-added engineering solutions in the field of Information Technologies, and that carries out its information, software, system integration works through its interdisciplinary integration culture in line with the customer’s utility analysis and independently of producer firms.

Our Vision

It is to become a globally leading technology firm that offers its customers the value-added technological products and solutions that will serve for the common good of humanity, Turkey in particular.

Our Mission

Robit Technology is an agile technology company that offers its customers value-added solutions at every point of need for technological solutions through its competent teams, and that concentrates on stakeholder satisfaction and solution.